My family roots...

Fred & Laura John Souva

The couple is Fredrick and Laura Souva. The individual is John Souva. I have been researching John for many years with limited success. John shows up in the 1910 US Census but is not in the 1930 US Census. I believe he is buried somewhere in Jefferson County in Northern, NY. John's brother, Joseph Souva, is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Watertown, NY.

The latest family tree updates includes research for the following familes: Souva, Sauve, Jennings, and Petyak. I also host my tree information on If you are part of the Ancestry DNA program, you will find my DNA data there as well as a link to my family tree. If you have DNA data from another vendor (e.g. 23andMe), you can use GEDmatch to validate any family ties.

As many of you know, my genealogy site has been pretty much abandoned for many years. The original PHPGedView software stopped working when my web site provider upgraded their versions of PHP and MySQL. I finally decided to fix this mess and drop this older software package and replace it with WebTrees. Also, I am also retrieving email from the site to my laptop daily. So, if you sent me email in the past few years, I apologize for ignoring you. The latest version of the family tree includes the following surnames: Souva, Sauve, Williams, Jennings, Gregory, Petyak, Willson, and many others. The site is now located here: Family Tree

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