30-Meter Delta Loop

Homebrew 30-Meter Delta Loop


The design of my 30-Meter Delta Loop is from Hiram Vazquez, W2UH. You can find his videos on YouTube. I modified Hiram's 20-Meter design for the 30-Meter band. The changes include the overall size, length of the matching cable, feedpoint, and the location for my home. My loop hangs between a tower and a large White Pine tree. As can see from the graphic above, I used EZNEC v5.0 to model the antenna. You can create this homebrew loop in a short amount of time. You will note that I feed my delta loop on the bottom corner of the triangle. Results - I have worked the world with my 30-Meter loop and can now claim DXCC on Logbook of the World (LoTW).EZNEC

Far Field Plot

The graphic below shows the 2-dimensional Far Field Plot. This plot assumes the bottom of the delta loop is 10 feet above the ground. EZNEC


My loop is fed with RG-213 from the shack to the base of my tower (feed point for my site). At the corner of the antenna, I use a piece of RG-6 75-ohm coaxial cable for the matching section. The length of this cable is 16 feet (4.9 meters). This configuration results in a 1:1 voltage standing wave (VSWR) ratio. This near perfect match eliminates the need for an antenna tuner. EZNEC


The size of the 30-Meter Delta Loop is shown below. The formula is straight forward to use and easy to calculate. I also provide the formula for the matching section. If you would like to model the loop yourself, I will gladly share the EZNEC file. Excel