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Here you will find all sorts of links that consist of Amateur Radio (Ham) content, Genealogy information for several families, and lots of Cyber Security links.

Ham Radio

KG2S Tower

As we start sunspot cycle 25, I am now working more of the lower frequency bands from 160-Meters through 30-Meters. My newest addition to the antenna farm is a 30-Meter delta loop. This loop sits between the tower and my giant White Pine tree. The delta loop is a homebrew antenna that uses a segment of RG-6 75-ohm coax for the matching section. I have modeled this antenna with EZNEC and it clearly shows this is a good design. Please see my Ham Radio link (above) for further details regarding this antenna design.

The other antennas in my small antenna farm include a fan dipole for 160-Meters and 80-Meters. This antenna uses Balun Designs 1:1 balun and a homebrew coax wound RF choke (on a 4" PVC pipe) that allows me to use my RF amplifier on 160-Meters. I have three antennas sitting at the top of the TX-455 tower. These antennas include a Tennadyne T-6 log periodic at 56 feet, a 40-Meter Cushcraft D-40 rotatable dipole at 62 feet, and a Cushcraft A505S 6-Meter at 66 feet.

I am a huge scanner radio fan and often find myself listening in the shack or in a mobile monitoring stations in the Upstate New York area. I use software tools such as DSDPlus Fastlane, OP25, SDRSharp, and SDRTrunk. I monitor everything from ADS-B, DMR (Cap+, Con+, Conventional, XPT), IDAS, MPT-1327, NFM, NXDN, and P25 (Phase I & II). My receivers include multiple RTL-SDRs, SDRPlay RSP1, and commercial scanners. I use a FlightAware RTL-SDR to feed the FlightAware system using the PiAware SkyAware software running on a Raspberry Pi 4. I feed my home system with a MP Antenna 08-ANT-0861.


Fred & Laura

The Genealogy link (above) is focused on my family tree. Notable surnames include Souva, Sauvé, Williams, Jennings, Gregory, Petyak, Willson, Miller, and others. If you would like to contribute to my tree, please contact me via the website and I will attempt to reach out to you to exchange information. If you have unsuccessfully emailed me in the past, my apologies. When I upgraded to a new version of Microsoft Outlook, I lost all of my previous email. Your best bet is to find me on

Cyber Security

I now retired from working at multiple cyber security companies. Despite this retirement, I am always thinking about how things are hacked. At any time of the day, you can find a new vulnerability for an operating system, application, or server for practically anything you can think of. The only secure box is the one you don't turn on!

One of my favorite community projects is helping family and friends with their computer and technical issues. This is my way of giving back to the community while saving them a lot of money. As you can imagine, there are plenty of good people who need a helping hand with their PCs, Tablets, Phones, TVs, Networks, etc.